Thursday, April 16, 2015

With a conservative at the helm, prepare for a new 'Progress Kentucky' ...

April 16, 2015 -- The name of this blog is Progress Kentucky; however don't think for a minute that there's a left-leaning bone it the author's body. It is time to take back the world "progress" from the Political Left that suggests that its agenda is the only source of "true" progress.

On the state level, we have seen the expansion of the state Medicaid program -- an expansion paid initially by the federal government; however that will change and the state's taxpayers will be forced to pick up a greater share of the bill. And conveniently, that day of financial reckoning will come long after Gov. Steve Beshear vacates the Governor's Mansion.

On the federal level, our President has repeatedly used executive orders to circumvent Congressional authority. And in many instances, he simply used executive orders to enhance his party's agenda. Gun control is a example. Following the Newtown school shooting incident, he threatened to use his executive power to take action "because Congress won't."

Sure it makes him sound tough; but if you examine the executive orders he approved related to gun control, his bark had little bite. He knew he could take no action without Congressional approval, but he had to use the Bully Pulpit to make his party sound like the party of "reason" and -- dare I say it? -- "progress."

The original Kentucky Progress blog on blogger (or at least its most recent incarnation prior to this) was used to hammer Kentucky Republicans, particularly those seeking election or re-election. When I found a bookmark to a post about Jesse Benton's role in a scandal that was part of Ron Paul's last presidential election campaign, I tried to visit the site -- only to find it gone.

Fortunately, the site was available and I immediately took it.

So, dear readers, don't expect to see liberal, left-wing crap on this blog in the future. I am a common sense conservative -- which means that I can agree with Democrat's ideas that make sense. I don't oppose an idea simply because a Democrat suggested it. And likewise, I don't automatically endorse all of the ideas advanced by Republicans, Libertarians or the What-Have-Yous.

After all, politics is the art of compromise, ain't it??